Difficult economic outlook set off riots in London

August 9, British Prime Minister Cameron to convene a crisis management team should have been in London for three days of riots. Currently, the London police from the rioters regained control of the streets, and the first use of armored vehicles,

cleaning up the streets. Currently, police have arrested lv handbags outletat least 434 people. Affected by the riots in London in recent days, all major public events in London was delayed, the cause of the riot police shot and killed a black man.

With the unrest continued to spread, people began questioning the real cause of the incident. Police shot and killed by black riots protesting the evening of August 4, 29-year-old black coach factoryman Maqueda root taxi in London when police intercepted the end then,

the root is suspected of gang members and illegal possession of firearms lv bags 2011in representations when shooting up to the root was shot dead, a police officer were injured. Of the root is from the Jamaican immigrants living in North London Tottenham area.

He and his ex-wife gave birth to four children, the lv handbagseve of the incident is preparing to marry again. After the incident, has insisted that the police officer’s walkie-talkie in a bullet found to show up to root in a taxi to the police officers opened fire.

But the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) Preliminary investigations revealed that the bullet came from police firearms, rather than the root of a pistol shot up. There are media reports quoted witnesses as saying the police will reach the root in the ground and then shot and uniforms to kill him.

coach outlet online Relatives and friends up to the root of that of the root in the first few weeks students buy lv bags have been harassed by the police, they do not believe the root to shoot up, said the police explained purely “nonsense.” They said the protest through friends and relatives to “justice.”

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World high-speed rail, the front line in the running

Currently, high-speed railway construction in the booming trend in many countries show. Slow economic recovery in the global context, a number of countries through the construction of high-speed railway, preserving jobs lv handbags 2011and promoting growth.

At the same time, the country suffered a financial and operational safety, and many other problems. Plan was ambitious as the 2010 Madrid to Valencia high-speed rail was put into operation, the Spanish high-speed rail mileage to 2056 km,

the highest in Europe. Spain’s first high-speed rail in the 1992 World Expo in Seville, when put into operation, after the Spanish high-speed rail construction has become the basic infrastructure in recent years. coach factory outletSpain’s current high-speed rail system in Madrid center, connecting the country’s major cities.

August 2, South Africa’s first inter-city high-speed rail-has been completed, but this is South Africa’s ambitious high-speed rail part of the planning. South African government hosted the World Cup in 2010, after a taste of large-scale buy lv handbagsinfrastructure projects for economic benefits,

so the increased investment in high-speed railway construction. South Africa in early 2011 the Ministry published a high-speed rail development plan, proposes to build three, respectively, from the economic center of the D’classes Johannesburg,

Cape Town and the lv bags city of Musina and Zimbabwe at the junction of the high-speed rail. The planned total cost may reach lv bags outletseveral trillion rand (1 U.S. dollar equals 7.27 rand), the construction period of more than 20 years.

South African Ministry hopes 2030 will be South Africa’s 12 cities and six border cities into the national high-speed rail network. Ever since Obama took office, the U.S. government has high-speed rail project in advance invested $ 10.5 billion. Obama said, including coach outlethigh-speed rail infrastructure,

including its “Rebuilding America and win the future,” an important part of the U.S. economic recovery plan is to achieve one of the keys. Currently, the U.S.

is only a high-speed rail operation in Washington, New York and Boston. State of the Union earlier this year, Obama has said, “Our goal is that in the next 25 years, 80 percent of Americans can make high-speed rail travel.”

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Riots in more than 200 people were arrested in London

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that since the North London Tottenham area unrest began on Saturday lv bags onlineevening, riot situation into the first 3 days. British Prime Minister Cameron interrupted a holiday in Italy, ahead of home treatment in London riots.

Last Saturday in Tottenham, north London district discount lv handbagsto the riots on Monday (August 8) night expanding in many regions of the London fire vandalism acts. Cameron is expected to leave for home on Monday night and Tuesday (9) morning presided over an emergency meeting to deal with riots.

England’s Essex coach outlet store onlineand Suffolk County police confirmed that two, they had sent reinforcements to the London police force. It is reported that the parties were sent 50 police officers.

West Ealing in London, also a riot, a Tesco supermarket glass was forced open, a car was burned in a public lv handbags for cheap place is garbage everywhere. Ealing Broadway underground station lv bags store opposite Haven Green park, coach factorysomeone lit a fire.

A local restaurant owner, said there are about 100 looters, a shopping center to be lit. He said the restaurant’s till was looted, all of the wine being snatched away.

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Wuliangye Xiangpiao New York Times Square

Famous Chinese liquor brands Wuliangye billboards has officially landed in New York, and appeared frequently in lv handbags on saletelevision viewing, the “crossroads of the world,” said the Times Square, the monthly cost up to $ 400,000, were out all billboards in New York the most expensive one.

This is the face of Wuliangye, Sichuan, said the other liquor brands, brand reputation and visibility as long as there is help through research and evaluation can be used. U.S. Eastern Time the morning of August 1, has a large image of commercials debut New York Times Square “Chinese screen.”

This is China’s liquor industry, as well as the first enterprise in China has a “crossroads of the world,” said the international advertising arena for branding.

It is reported that China’s national image film debut in The New York Times Square, the Xinhua News Agency rented the New York Times Square, Building coach outlet online 2, the location of lv bags on salethe most spectacular outdoor LCD screen,

designed to build into its carrying propaganda in China, spreading Chinese culture mission “Chinese screen.

” Wuliangye rented 60-foot LED advertising billboard (1 foot about 0.3 meters) wide and 40 feet, the Times Square area coach factory outlet online of ​​the largest and most eye-catching signs LV bags store and advertisements. Previous media reports said the department LV handbags storeto spend per month up to 40 billboards million.

This is not the first time in the international promotion of Wuliangye brand, as early as November 5, 2010, Wuliangye Sichuan Airlines plane on the big-budget title. Wuliangye brand

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After the couple 40,000 80 18 country tour

Tanabata Festival is the day before coach handbags on saleyesterday, circulating a crazy network of 80 couples after the legend. Their micro-blog, called “Thank you for the love of wander and Cai Cai”, 25,000 fans. “In 2010, we resigned with 10 months of $ 40,000 across 18 countries in Asia. The most beautiful journey,

and it is a loved one side by side, to look at this lonely world.” Their this microblogging, is forwarded more than 60,000 times. 40,000 yuan 10-month tour coach outlet store online of 18 Coach Poppycountries and Cai Cai Thank you for the love of wander ten o’clock last night,

which is called the couple to accept thanks and Cai Cai aspect edit the news interview, thank you one up on us describe this up to 10 months of travel road map. Thank you: We in January to Laos,

Thailand, Myanmar to play after he flew off to Tibet and from Tibet to Nepal, from Nepal go to India, then Sri Lanka and Malaysia, Vietnam,
Thailand, Burma, returned to Thailand to the Philippines, and then fly to Hong Kong from the Philippines,

Coach SatchelsPakistan took a visa to go after Beijing, and Tibet, and then out from Tibet to Nepal, India and then west to Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, then came back from Egypt. Reporter: You are to travel together in 2010,

that when you know? Because of travel? Thank you: We Coach Originalsknow when the National Day 2009, I was carpooling with a bunch of friends to Lhasa from Chengdu, Sichuan-Tibet Southern line to go into,

she and a bunch of friends in Shanghai to go into the Sichuan-Tibet Northern Line, then south to the four Tibetan line of convergence, we recognize in it, and later chatting online chatting, we both together.

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U.S. “polygamist leader” sexual assault formed

Recently, the United States the infamous “Mormon Church of Latter-day Saints’ leader Warren Jeffs to stand trial in San Angelo, Texas. 4, the jury ultimately convicted, Jeffs guilty of two minor girls for sexual assault crimes, one of the victims as young as 12 years lv bagsold. Reported that Jeffs could face 119 years in prison.

Sexual assault of underage girls in court, Jeffs pleaded not guilty, still shouting that he should only accept the coach factory outletreligious court. According to reports, 55-year-old Jeffs could face life imprisonment. The self-proclaimed “prophet” of the man with more than 10,000 followers,

he was naked to “teach” one of the female followers, as long as he got sexual pleasure, you can get the grace of God. Prosecutors said they submitted to the court Jeff has 78 so-called “soul mate” of the evidence, it is reported, 24 of whom
less than 17 years of age.

In addition, Jeffs is also accused of witness or hosted more than 500 polygamous marriage, and 67 games involving the illegal marriage of underage girls. The indictment alleges that Jeffs coach outlet forced a 15-year-old girl to have sex and gave lv handbags 2011birth to a child.

Prosecutors have already received the DNA test results. In the prosecution provided a videotape, and Jeff is a 12-year-old girl to have sex. The beginning of the video, Jeff command the girl: “undress, hurry!” Then came the video girl crying.

In another videotape, the Jeffs’ teachings, “a 14-year-old girl and another of his young lv bags outletwife how to please him.

Were recording in all sex as a “Mormon Latter Day Saints’ head during Jeffs save a lot of recorded sex video and audio files. He believes this is his response to God’s obligations. Attorney Eric buy lv handbags Nicolas said: “He believes he is a” prophet “and therefore urges the men to record their every moment of the conversation.”

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Russian President female fans on the streets “strip” called for alcohol

August 4, discount coach handbags2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev of female fans in the streets of Moscow strip to support those who kick the beer. These girls let passers-by will be in the hands of the beer poured into a bucket,

pour the beer into the bucket when a certain position they will take off a coach outlet onlineclothes until only the bikini so far. August 4, 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev of female fans in the streets of Moscow strip to support those who kick the beer.

These girls will Coach Maggiemake passers-by the hands of the beer poured into a bucket, pour the beer into the bucket when a certain position they will take off a clothes until only the bikini so far.

August 4, 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev of female fans in the streets of Moscow strip to support those who kick the beer.

These girls let passers-by will be in the hands of the Coach Kristin beer poured into a bucket, pour the beer into the bucket when a certain position they will take off a clothes until only Coach Madison the bikini so far.

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